Read the frequently asked questions that Unbridled Birth & Consulting often encounters.

The word "Doula" has a Greek origin which translates to "Woman Servant". This means I support all other women on a major level.

Isn't a doula the same thing as a midwife?

No. A doula provides absolutely no medical care under any circumstance. Since she does not have these obligations, she can give her complete attention to supporting her birthing mama for the entire length of her labor. 

Can a doula support me even if I plan on having an epidural?

Of course. At Unbridled Mama Doula Services, we support every type of labor! A doula's presence can be very helpful during the placement of the epidural as well as offering continued support through the labor. 

Can I still hire a doula even though I'm seeing an OB?

Yes. A doula works alongside an OB as well as a midwife. If you're happy with your OB and you want a doula, you do not need to switch to a midwife. 

What does a doula do?

A doula's role is to provide educational, physical, and emotional support to pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women. 

Why do many women choose to hire a doula? 

Studies have consistently shown that women who have a doula present at their birth experience shorter labor, less use of interventions, and a 50% reduction in the C-section rate. A doula also provides care for other family members and increases a mother's overall satisfaction with her birthing experience. 

Does a doula provide support outside of birth?

This depends entirely on the doula and what they are comfortable with. I provide postpartum and termination support as well as birth support. 

Does a doula replace my partner?

Absolutely not. A doula is simply just another person on your birth team. She will support your partner so they can best support you too! Her presence helps partners participate at their own comfort level.

Will you advocate for me during a hospital birth?

No. I will provide you with educational and emotional support so you are empowered to advocate for yourself. 

Aren't you worries about people taking advantage of your flexible fee scale?

The reality is I cannot control how people choose to access my flexible fee scale. However, I can trust that my clients have thought about the value of my support and their financial reality when they come to a decision about where on the scale they fit.

More questions?

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions!