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Tarot Testimonies

See what others are saying about Emily's tarot readings.


"Emily is a wonderful soul, I recently had a reading with her and it really was SPOT ON! I needed those words that day! My favorite part of the reading was at the very end when she pulled a couple of special cards from a separate deck. She did a beautiful job and I highly recommend going to her for a reading!"


"Emily responded in a professional and timely manner. She was spot on with everything and confirmed everything I was asking. Very professional and private!"


"I magically found Emily! She is very clear and concise in her messages! She brought up things to the surface I had been thinking about but couldn't necessarily articulate. It was helpful that she could feel into my energy and who I was. She saw what I couldn't see, but felt in my body! I appreciate hearing a perspective that I had seen before very much needed to hear. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance and needing to hear something that they cannot see."


"Emily is amazing. Her reading was right on the money. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive. Thank you so much!"


"An awesome read! She told me exactly what I wanted to know with no hesitation. Just a mention of my finances and she read me spot on. I would recommend her anytime!"


"The reading I received came at just the perfect time. I needed clarity in regard to some life events. The feeling of acknowledgment and positive feedback gave me the peace and calm I'd been searching for. Emily's abilities are so pure and honest that I'm blessed to have found this resource. My confidence has grown. Help is here whenever I need her. Thank you, Emily."​


"She was so accurate! I will be coming back & I highly recommend her! Thank you!"


"I had an awesome read with Emily. She told me exactly what I needed to hear no sugar coating it and just straight to the point. I definitely would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a real and honest reading. Thank you again for your time and the message you delivered to me. Many blessings to you and I can't wait to book a reading with you again." 


"I am so pleased with my reading and happy I followed through with getting it done! I have been wanting a tarot reading from someone else for quite awhile, but seeking out the right readers online can be daunting. I didn't want a scam reader, or someone who was guided on my life and what to say. I was so happy to find Emily does readings because she has great energy and is local! My reading was spot on in so many ways it was almost eerie. Very fulfilling and reassuring to my intuition. I'm sure I'll be back!"


"Emily's reading are always spot on. I will come to her again and again when I need guidance or advice. Even in the moments I've told her something doesn't resonate she has taken the time to delve deeper... and what didn't resonate before always ends up making sense with a new event just days later! She is the sweetest and brightest psychic I know and I'm always in awe of the accuracy of her readings."


"I received a mini love reading and got clarity. I recommend a mini reading and if you need further clarity or have multiple questions book a full reading!"

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