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Tarot Readings

My readings are conversational & reality-based. They seek to provide clarity, and additional insight, inspire introspection, provide comfort, or inversely be just the right amount of discomfort to spark your desire to grow and transform. We can also explore your inner landscape and blockages that could be contributing to any feelings of discontentment. 

I believe that all of the cards have their own medicine, even the challenging ones that make us uncomfortable when they appear.

All of my reading options can be geared towards whatever it is you're seeking. I just simply provide different options based upon price and time.


My readings can be given to you via Messenger, email, FaceTime, or text message. If our reading is done over the phone (Messenger, email, or text message) I like to provide a picture and an in-depth explanation of your reading for you to reflect on. If you are a doula client of mine and would prefer an in-person tarot reading, we can do your reading at either a prenatal or postpartum visit.

If you would like to book a private tarot reading with me, please reach out either on my "Tarot Testimonies" page or send me a text or email.

Cash is preferred but payment is also accepted through Venmo or CashApp.

Venmo: @emily_griffin

CashApp: @emilyagriffin

Deluxe Tarot Reading

This reading is lovely for an in-depth experience and uses both tarot and oracle decks for additional confirmation and deeper insights.

Price: $80


Universal Tarot Reading

This reading is great if you do or don't have a specific destination in mind. I can read on either a specific question or give you general insight into what is currently happening around you. This is my most common reading and utilizes one tarot deck.  

Price: $50


Compact Tarot Reading

This reading is designed to give you an easily digestible bit of insight into what you're seeking. It only uses a few cards within one tarot deck.

Price: $20

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