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Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta will be cleaned, steamed with fresh lemon and ginger, dehydrated, and put into capsule form in a sanitary and disinfected workspace. A cord keepsake and tincture are included in your package. The cord keepsake is done by drying the cord and returning it to you in a pouch. The tincture is created by putting a dried piece of the placenta into a 2oz glass bottle of 100-proof vodka and then returning it to you when your capsules are completed. The placenta tincture is a phenomenal way to receive the benefits of your placenta long after the capsules are gone.​


The Placenta Package totals $250.00. 

*There is a $40.00 travel fee for all placenta pick ups/drop offs that are located outside of Sierra Vista and surrounding areas. 

Please reach out to me by either phone or email if you have any questions about this package.

Placenta Benefits 

Placenta benefits are reported by mamas who consume their own rather than by science so keep that in mind when deciding if consuming your placenta is right for you. Many mamas have reported though that they have an increase in milk supply, energy, uterine involution (going from pregnancy state to non-pregnancy state in a short time frame), reduced bleeding, increased healing, and less severe or, none at all, postpartum depression/postpartum anxiety. 


I'm ready to book my placenta package!


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