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Bereavement Keepsake WITHOUT Remains Package

This keepsake is designed for those who have lost a baby but do not have any fetal remains. By purchasing this you are choosing to honor a baby that you didn't get to hold. The total cost for this keepsake is $50 + free shipping. 

Ingredients Used

The base used is incense ash from previously burned incense that is ritualistically burned while creating prior Bereavement Keepsakes. I prefer to add this ash because it holds the energy I want to incorporate into yours. Additional herbs and flowers of mama's choice can also be added to create the perfect keepsake that can be cherished for many years. 



After gathering all of my ingredients and tools I begin to add them to my mortar and pestle. I intentionally grind everything into a fine powder and then I begin placing the contents into a 10 ml glass jar. You have the option to utilize two jars. One can be used as the keepsake and will be sealed with wax, while the other jar is left unsealed so jewelry can be made at a later date.  

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