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Read what others are saying about Unbridled Birth & Consulting.

Rosey S. 

"I am eternally grateful for Emily's unfaltering commitment to help me through eight-plus hours of back labor when an epidural wasn't an option. She was an amazing coach from start to finish. She supported my birth plan wholeheartedly and had my back literally, and figuratively when nothing but massage helped soothe the pain. Emily's genuine nature and sweet disposition made me feel so at ease right from the start and I really appreciated her postpartum support and guidance in the following visits. She was the best investment I made in my pregnancy and I'd recommend her 100x over!"

Jessica G.

"Emily helped me in stressful times and I thank her for that. When I was pregnant, Emily, was such a soothing person to keep my mind at ease and explain as well as give info that could help. We experienced a very rough pregnancy yet, it was so beautiful. She was one of the first people I ran to talk to after finding out my baby girl was SUA at around 20 weeks. Emily made sure to keep me informed of what SUA was and did her own research to help me better understand. She honestly doesn't know how much she helped me with a scary situation. I wish I could have hired her to be by my side through it all. Even though I didn't hire her, she still helped my family and me in times when we needed her. Even if anyone just has questions, shoot her a message. I highly reccomend Emily. She's such a caring person with so much info!"

Jenna E.

"She is so sweet and responsive! Although I was not able to work with her due to distance, she took the time to find someone for me close to where I live! I really appreciate her and would definitely recommend it!"

Briana B. 

"As a first-time young mom with no experience and limited knowledge about doulas or childbirth in general, I decided to ask Emily for help with my pregnancy. In our meetings, Emily was able to answer my questions and help to understand what birth would be like, as well as check in on me frequently to see how I was doing. Although my pregnancy went relatively smoothly, there were many moments I needed reassurance, and I felt that Emily was able to support me in those so many ways. In one instance, I feared that I would have to get induced early, and Emily helped me process my fears, emotions, and trust that every birth is unique and has its ups and downs. My labor process and birth story were very difficult, but I felt very calmed by her presence. In many ways, she had a guiding and motherly aura surrounding her that made me feel like everything was going to be okay even when everything seemed like it was going wrong. She was able to put me in good positions to ease pain, give me clear advice, as well as help my husband who was in the midst of his own anxieties and fears. I would highly recommend Emily Griffin to any expecting mother or anyone who needs a guiding and positive light surrounding any pregnancy or childbirth-related event. She made a world of difference for me and how I was able to successfully journey through and process a hectic birth experience."

Olivia S.

"I lost a baby at six weeks and learned that since the miscarriage happened so early on, the way to preserve/cremate the tissue and remains was through the same process as placenta encapsulation. I reached out to Emily and I'm so glad I did. She was able to take care of a part of the process that was difficult, help me process my loss, and give me the opportunity to have something special to honor this baby. I hadn't known that with an early gestation miscarriage you could "cremate" them through the same process you encapsulate placentas after birth and I'm sure others have no idea either. It's my hope that my loss and experience will help other moms know that there are options for them with their own losses, and Emily is a great person to have as part of your experience." 

Kylie H.

"Emily was great to work with! She made the birth of our last baby a wonderful experience. With the goal of an unmedicated birth, Emily helped by providing massage and counter pressure for HOURS, which was what I ended up needing at the moment. Prior to labor, I didn't know what would be the most beneficial to help me with getting through the contractions. Emily was very flexible and quickly moved on to a new idea so I could cope better. Something super small, yet very effective and helpful as she gave me a comb to squeeze during contractions. I never would have thought of that!

On the day of my labor, I text her very early in the morning and she responded quickly. She remained in close contact throughout the day, even as my labor stalled and started again later that afternoon. She then met us at the hospital and got right to work helping in whatever way needed. I'd highly recommend her. Emily was a blessing to work with."

WinDi S.

"Emily is super responsive to questions and is a very personable person. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I probably won't be in Arizona by the time of my birth but when I thought I would be- she was super fast at responses and very easy to communicate and schedule with."

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