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Bereavement Keepsake Package

This is a special keepsake that I make for women who experience an early miscarriage. I can do this keepsake for miscarriages up to 20 weeks gestation, but not past that point. At 20 weeks, the baby will be able to be taken to a funeral home for a traditional cremation.


I am able to process the early miscarriage and turn it into a keepsake that will last for years to come. This is done by cleaning, dehydrating, and "cremating" the remains. The process I use for this is similar to my placenta encapsulations. The remains are then placed into a 10ml glass jar and sealed with wax.


You have the option to leave some remains in a separate 10ml glass jar if you would like to have them turned into a jewelry piece at a later date.


You also have the option to choose herbs to be placed with the remains. I work with herbs in their folk traditions and practices, such as lavender for harmony and calming the mind and body, parsley for an easy transition into the afterlife and protection for the baby, rose for love, healing, and protection, etc. The options for herbs are endless!

Included in this package you will receive up to 10 before, during, and after photographs if you wish. It is not mandatory that you receive the photos, but the option is available to you when you book the package. 


This keepsake package is $200, but I also have a flexible fee scale for this specific service:

Low Tier: $150

Middle Tier: $175

Top Tier: $200

There is no difference in what is offered between tiers. I understand that hiring me means trusting me with a very intimate life event and offering a flexible fee scale is one way I can express my trust in my clients. I trust that you have thoroughly thought about the value of my experience and also that you know your financial situation best and can come to a decision that reflects both.


Early miscarriages are the most common type of miscarriage and can be difficult to process so I've created this keepsake as a way for your baby to be remembered and for you to heal. You're not alone, mama. 

*It's important to note that depending on how long it's been stored, its method of storing, and any herbs added to it can change the appearance of your final keepsake. 

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