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Traditional Birth Package

Traditional Birth. Unassisted Birth. Wild Birth.

I believe in simplistic birth experiences.

This type of birthing preference goes by many names because it's entirely up to you. You are not restricted by society or system and birth on your own terms in the comfort of a space that resonates with you. There's no different between a traditional birth attendant, birthkeeper, and a "doula" who provides monitrice services. I used the term doula in quotations because the term doula normally refers to someone who only attends birth where a medical care provider is present and their sole purpose is to only maintain the wellbeing of the woman spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

However, those of us who use the term traditional birth attendant/ birthkeeper/ monitrice services are knowledgeable and trained in attending births where the woman wants to remain in her sovereign power throughout. For example, a doula who provides monitrice services is essentially a step up from a typical doula. They just have a bit more training and witness and understand true physiological birth.

However, traditional birth attendants/ birthkeepers are able to check blood pressure, provide belly mapping, herbal guidance from pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and check fetal heart tones with a midwifery grade doppler. Of course all of these are optional, but can be provided from the traditional birth attendant/birthkeeper, if requested, whereas a doula will only focus on the aspects of birth that require no medical attention (labor positions, aromatherapy, acupressure, hydrotherapy, etc.). If you find a doula who does the steps mentioned above, then she's a doula who provides monitrice services which is the same extract thing as a traditional birth attendant/ birthkeeper, just different terminology to confuse us all. Women, like myself, who support birth in this manner can go by multiple names because this birthing preference is referred to a bit differently depending on era, culture, and personal preference. 

It is incredibly important that you do your research when it comes to your birth preferences so you find the right care and support that resonates with your intentions.

I provide this support because I believe every woman who wishes to experience a wild birth has that opportunity. I've been attending births since 2020 and have witnessed many stunning physiological births and by providing this birthing option, I'm creating the space and opportunity for more women who align with this birth philosophy.

My traditional birth attendant packages comes with the same visits as my birth doula package, but there's the option for the simple medical care I mentioned above: 

Traditional Birth Attendant Package:

  • Two prenatal visits (birth preferences, answer questions, labor techniques, individualized support).

  • Active labor and birth support

  • Two postpartum visits (breastfeeding support, emotional support, partner participation, and simple house chores, if needed).

  • Optional blood pressure checks

  • Optional belly mapping

  • Herbal guidance

  • And experience in physiological birth

Retainer fee due at contract signing: $500

Remaining fee due by second prenatal or 37w: $1,500

Total investment: $2,000


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